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Gina Mazone

Gina Mazone is a contemporary and passionate stylist who has accelerated to enlighten alongside Hollywood’s most acclaimed stylists. She has worked mentoring world renown colorist, Michael Canale,’ who is best know for “Jennifer Anistons” caramel highlights and with a prestigious clientele out this of Beverly Hills CA. Gina works hard to stylistically express her belief in that one’s hair is the capstone of personal beauty, accordingly hairstyle, color and extension. Her history in extensions has evolved into her technique unlike any other method available today.while using an extraordinary product that is non-damaging, fast and affordable to provide volume, length, along with dynamic color for the most natural blending locks. Creating volume for Katherine Bigelow’s Oscar winner look and length for “Glee” star Diana Argon, Gina continues to enhance and construe the most accustom looks for her clients.

Gina specializes in extensions. She uses Hot Heads, a top innovative brand today- they give you non damaging, natural customized color. You’ll be in and out with long locks in under 2 hours!