Airbrush Tanning


about airbrush tanning

Receive a beautiful bronze sun-kissed complexion without the damage of the actual sun. We use a 99% natural based luxurious spa – quality formula, which generates a stunning bronzed glow in under 5 minutes. It is proven to fade 80% better than other products on the market, Provigil provides intense hydrating and skin firming properties and is packed with multi-vitamins and antioxidants to leave the skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and radiant.

before your tan

  • Thoroughly exfoliate the night before.

  • Any hair removal to be done 24 hours prior.

  • Shower just prior to your session if possible.

  • Wear no moisturizer or deodorant to your session, and wear dark loose fitting clothing afterwards.

  • Do not shower or exercise until 8–10 hours after your tan.

  • Use an SLS free body wash, and avoid anything which may exfoliate your skin such as long, hot baths, exposure to chlorinated water, or exfoliating gloves or sponges.

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize for maximum color retention. (Avoid moisturizers which contain mineral oils.)